Do we need to know quantum physics to play ?

Share-Lock is a live escape game that has been imagined to enjoy without the necessity to learn the Encyclopædia Britannica before your visit. Only logic, observation and team spirit will be needed to succeed your mission !

Can we play with more than 5 people ?

There is a limit of 5 players for a room but you can perfectly come with 2 groups, book 2 rooms at the same time and see who is going to escape first ! On the booking page, book two rooms with the "number of rooms" field of the booking form.

Is there an age limit in order to play ?

The minimum age is 14 years old due to the complexity of the games (every minors need to come with at least 1 adult) we record you that this type of game isn't thinked for a minor group. About the maximum age, the legend says that our eldest player had 132 years old.

How long will the adventure last ?

The play time is of 60 minutes but counting the reception, the briefing and debriefing count around 1h30 in our hands.

Can we play in another language than spanish ?

Yes, our games are created to be played in English and French too. If you want to play in another language, just select "English" in the booking form when it is asked.

Can I play if I am pregnant or claustrophobic ?

Of course ! In our escape room, there is no dangerous activity or no need to use strength. In case of necessity, you can get out of the room at anytime. Besides, you will be followed by our team by cameras and microphone at anytime.

What happens if I need to get out of the room in case of emergency ?

Each of our room is equipped with a security device that you can control from the inside and that can unlock the door instantly in case of emergency. In addition, you will have the possibility to be in touch directly with our team at anytime.

What if we are late ?

Punctuality is very important, if you are late, you will be able to play but you will have less play time, in order to not reduce the next teams' play time.

Can we change or cancel our booking ?

You can modify or cancel your booking. We hope you will understand that it is important to us to know any change 48 hours before. For any modification or cancellation, please contact us by email or by phone.

How can we pay ?

The game will be paid in cash at the counter before the game starts.