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Escape rooms are the new way of Team Building

Human Resources departments are starting to use and promote escape room games to improve the relationship between employees and at the same time test the ability of a work team, that is known as ‘team building’.

If you consider offering an original and fun experience to your workers in order to break the ice but also to establish cohesion among members of the same team, you should know that a growing number of companies choose escape rooms in order to achieve this goal.

How is a Team Building session in Share-Lock carried out?

If you decide to come and enjoy the escape room experience with your company, you will be able to use all facilities in complete privacy to ensure that the teamwork session is be successful. It is carried out in an intimate and peaceful way, so that other clients do not disturb you. The maximum number of participants is 10 and the session lasts 2 hours, however we can adapt to your team needs and create a customised session. We usually arrange time in this way:

Also: you can customise games by adding elements from your own company that you might like to highlight. Contact us to organise a customised session for you and your company. We will create a budget and design everything in order to meet your needs.

Live escape game aims in the field of Human Resources:

To assess and improve team communication.

Team Building benefits in Share-Lock Escape room: