The mine

capacity 2-6

age 16+

duration 60 min

The mining past of the province of Almeria is well known, as well as the existence of several galleries under the city that connect old abandoned mines. Although they were closed a long time ago, some of them still hide valuable secrets.

Under the Minas de Gádor street, where we are located, one of these galleries extends to the mines of the city of Gádor, from where the name of the street comes. However, due to the instability of the terrain and the danger it represents, the municipality of Almeria has decided to blast all accesses to the old mines located in this street.

We need experienced miners who can enter into this mine and try to recover a mysterious box before the access is closed. Will you dare entering the mine and reach your goal before it is dynamited?



You have to be able to go through a low and narrow opening during the game
Comfortable shoes


Capacity 2-6

Age 14+

Duration 60 min

A mysterious virus was propagated through the water supply network, contaminating the majority of Almería's population. The number of infected people is growing and the death rate increases.

The city has been placed in quarantine by the authorities to slow down the propagation to the rest of the continent. Residents are left to themselves.

Your scientists team is about to enter inside the laboratory where the virus has been created to find some informations about the virus... and maybe an antidote.